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All About Business Loan from the Comfort of Your Home

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A business loan is one of the most accessible ways to get immediate access to funds; however, getting a business loan in Delhi-NCR from a bank the old-fashioned way can be time-consuming, boring, and challenging.

India has millions of small and medium-sized businesses and is now a global emerging market. These small and medium-sized enterprises contribute a significant portion of GDP growth and continue to provide a vital source of jobs for a large amount of India’s population. Recognizing the value of SMEs, the government and RBI have launched several small business loan schemes to assist in the growth of these enterprises and companies.

Features of the Business Loan

Funds are available at a reasonable cost

According to estimates, more than 80% of small companies struggle during their early stages due to a lack of funding. Small business loans in Dehradun to SMEs and MSMEs are an initiative by the government and various banks to provide financial assistance to small businesses experiencing financial difficulties. The financing offered is focused on the potential and needs of the sector. However, one of the better aspects of these loans is their low interest rates.

A Flexi loan option is also opened

Some banks have launched a brilliant initiative called Flexi business loans in Saharanpur, which provides company finance with a high degree of versatility. The loan allows company owners to withdraw funds if required and repay according to their cash flow. Flexi Business Loans in Saharanpur also enable business owners to pay only the interest part at the start and pay off the balance after the tenure period.

Small business loans have unsecured financing

While it is difficult for banks to trust start-ups and small companies for repayment, some banks offer unsecured business loans in Haridwar.  It allows many small companies to obtain funds that they may not have received from a traditional business loan.

Online Access

Many business loans and government business finance programmes are available online. It saves company owners the trouble of visiting banks and government offices, as they had to do previously. When you apply for a business loan in Haridwar with Fair Fincorp, we ensure that you get online access to your business loans in Haridwar. 

In India, there are many opportunities for small business loans.

MUDRA Funding

The scheme was developed to provide financial assistance to the country’s non-corporate, non-farm small/micro-enterprises. Regulated private and public sector banks, regional rural banks (RRBs), small finance banks, and corporate banks will provide loans. One may apply for a Mudra loan online at MUDRA’s official website.


Any non-corporate Small Business Segment comprising proprietorship/enterprise firms in rural and urban areas can apply for the Mudra loan. It includes:

  • Small manufacturing units
  • Shopkeepers
  • Fruits / vegetable vendors
  • Truck operators
  • Food-service units
  • Repair shops
  • Machine operators
  • Small industries and businesses
  • Food processors and others

Government enterprise lending arrangement with the credit insurance fund

CGTMSE is one of the most vital government business loan programmes for MSMEs. The scheme was founded 18 years ago and has provided collateral-free loans to MSMEs ever since. The loan is available from any approved commercial bank as well as the regional rural bank. The loan is accepted based on the Micro and Small Enterprises’ qualifications. The programme will include a working capital loan of up to 10 lakh and has provisions for more considerable sanctions for qualifying businesses. However, company owners must have collateral in the form of all of their properties as a pledge.

The scheme is eligible for business loans in Haridwar

  1. Manufacturing activity (Retail trade; Educational institutions; Self-help groups; Training institutions.)
  2. Service activity, except

Business Loan in Dehradun

Fair Fincorp helps you get Flexi loans of up to 45 lakhs to small businesses. The loan can be availed online and strengthen your business to survive. You can avail for any business purposes ranging from business expansion, inventory purchase, paying staff, and many more. The best part about the Business loan in Dehradun is – it gets approved and disbursed on the same day when you apply for it

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants must be in the age group between 25 to 65 years. 

The applicant must own a business for a minimum of 3 years.

The applicant must have filed income tax returns for the business for a minimum of 1 year

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